The Finished Canvas

(scroll down to view the canvas')

A timeless treasure, each giclée will reflect an element of ageless beauty and heritage in any setting. Giclée – French for “sprayed ink” – is a sophisticated process for making fine-art prints from a digital source. The technique allows for extra-fine image resolution, which permits retention of minute detail from the original image. The result is a high-quality print that exhibits L. Young's masterful technique. The medium consists of much study, methodical lay-out & Lori's watercolor painting, when the design is complete,the giclée process is applied, the 1 3/8" canvas sides are painted black, and finally, the entire piece receives a poured hand coating with a high gloss, resin-based shellac to seal; The design combines strong graphics  all blanketed under a high gloss.  

Please note, as you make your selection, that you are viewing the "pure" image before re-watercoloring & then a high gloss finish which produces some aging due to the process.  The end product is wonderful.